Monday, April 30, 2012


Confessions of a tired teacher:  
My favorite sound of the washer machine is currently gracing my ears after a very long day.  Lights dim.  House quiet.  Dog asleep on couch.  Candles lit.  Kitchen clean.  You get the idea...pure bliss.
Our crowd at Alligator Adventure on Friday for a field trip!

Confessions of a crafty chaos:
Its funny, I was telling Jordan tonight about how I prioritize things in my mind.  I don't make separate lists of things that I have to get accomplished and things that I want to get accomplished.  I just put them all together in one list!  And then arrives nights like tonight when they all pile up on each other and I find myself worrying about crafts and creations that haven't even been started.  Oh dear.  However, I did come to the conclusion that thinking that way allows me to make and create, even though it might not be the best timing.  But hey!  Canvases get painted, bows get made, furniture gets a makeover, and everyone is happy!!!!
Canvases I painted for my newest niece, Lillian Grace.

Confessions of a housewife:
This weekend we housed the Ladson kids while their parents went to Charleston for the weekend.  They are too sweet and too funny.  Jordan and I turned into softball coaches and Wii Super Mario experts! Something we are definitely not used to but loved every minute it.  I must admit, I don't think we're ready for a preschooler and 3rd grader.  I was thinking tonight as I was sweeping-- How do people do this on a daily, weekly, monthly basis?!  I guess our learning time will come when it's the right time, God's time.  However, I did love knowing the other side of our house was being used.  The bathroom contained used towels, the bedroom had clothes on the floor, and the bed had company at night.  It felt right.  I know our house will be full of little ones in the future.
Ladson lovies!

Confessions of a Matron of Honor:
OOOOMMMGG! SOOO excited for Julie Kellenbenz and Eli Byrd.  Their beautiful day is quickly arriving and its going to be so perfect.  See her blog here.
Here's the bride!!

More confessions later. ;)
For now, xoxo.