Monday, April 4, 2011

a little girl's dream..

Dearest readers,

I couldn't begin to express the amount of things that I have learned throughout my student teaching experience. Perhaps, I shouldn't even call it student teaching, or teaching internship, it should be something more like my heart song experience. Why heart song, because I have waited a lifetime for my heart to sing to the children of this nation. God, let it not be my voice they hear, but Yours. This opportunity, which is the start to a whole new chapter in my life, has been a dream of a little princess {my family may say otherwise ;)} since the beginning of time, as I played "teacher" with my older sister. As this student teaching frame is coming to a halt, I am beginning to realize how much God is speaking to this little girl at heart. I have many desires, many dreams, many treasures I want to make, and many lives I want to touch. Much of these aspirations can be thanked of the people and places that encouraged and pushed me along the way. One of these people (or group) that can be thanked, specifically related to teaching, is non other but my cooperating teacher and first class(es), 4A and 4B. If I could write them a letter of appreciation, it might sound something like this:

Dear 4A and 4B,

Your love an acceptance for me, Ms.B, will never be forgotten. Although you may believe that everyday I was teaching you lessons about geometry, astronomy, and government, you were also teaching me many lessons. Lessons about love, acceptance, and care. Lessons about going against the odds and shooting for your dreams. Lessons about being dependable and being a good friend. Lessons about simply being you. These lessons go without recognition on a daily basis. Now that my time with you is over, I am realizing how much of an impact each you has made on my life. Together, we have learned that it is the little things in life that really matter, such as sharing your paper with a friend, using self-control by controlling your actions and what you say, and being in alphabetical order when you line up. Boys and girls, these are lessons that most of the world still need to learn today. I'll never forget your corky stories as you walked in the door, or the stories that were breaking your heart to tell, as well as mine, as your world was crumbling around you. I'll never forget your little, precious hearts. They are hearts of gold. Please keep them that way, and don't get wrapped up into what the world says your heart should be. I'll never forget your encouraging words, gentle hugs, and sleepy "good mornings". You have already taught me so much about how to be a teacher and I am forever grateful. But, you have also taught me how to be a better role model and to appreciate each of you individually.

And to Mrs. Young, my gratefullness is exploding even more. Your guidance and direction was so gentle and kind. Your continuous encouraging words helped get me through a milestone. Your name is added to my list of most influential women throughout my life. To you, I may have been just another practicum student. To me, you are a hard-working mother, daughter, sister, friend, and teacher. I have taken count of your daily positive attitude and enthusiasm to get the job done. I have also taken count of the effort you put towards keeping your family strong, with food on the table and precious moments spent. Not enough "thank you's" could be said in appreciation of all the time spent giving me advice about teaching or discussing this journey called life. You have become more than just a cooperating teacher, but a friend. I'll keep the moments we have shared safe inside of my heart forever. Thank you for everything.

Love, Ms. B