Thursday, January 27, 2011

news flash.

Whew. Taking very deep breathes seems popular lately, for me at least. What a journey this semester has already been. A beautiful journey, but definitely a journey.

To all of those full-time teachers out there, kudos. It's tough stuff. Very rewarding, but seeing your rewards requires long hours and lots of planning. I have loved student teaching thus far, and I say that sincerely. I have a wonderful cooperating teacher and wonderful students. The hardest part for me has been the whole night working thing. I've always known that teachers take work home at nights, but I never realized the tiredness is brings. I am a night owl. I love being up at nights and doing fun things, however, my nights now end at 9pm. Teaching is a profession where there are never completed to-do lists, there is always something you could be doing. Is is also a profession of many hats, you may be a caregiver, leader, or friend. But most of all, it is a profession of excitement and adventure. Every day is an adventure, you never know if your students will walk in eager to learn, or ready to go home already. It's tough. It's fun. It's tiring. It's seeing success in students. It's making an impact. It's teaching and learning.

I finished reading the book of Matthew last night. I love that book. It's so rich with works of Jesus, proof of His faithfulness and mercy. One of the scriptures that has impacted me is from chapter 9, verse 13. It states, "Go and learn what this means: I desire mercy and not sacrifice. For I didn't come to call the righteous, but sinners." This struck deep. You know, many times as Christians, we perceive ourselves as being better than those that are not saved, thinking we are of great advantage. To an extent, yes, we belong to the Kingdom, but if it was not for God's mercy we would be in the same predicament. Along with that, we have no mercy for those that are lost, yet we sacrifice our time, money, and effort to make sure we make it to heaven. But, what Jesus is saying in this scripture is that if you have no mercy, than your sacrifice is of no importance. I personally believe that God cares more for those living in sin, than the "saved folk" who think everything in their lives is perfect. It is proven in the second half of the scripture that God cares more about saving sinners than making sure the righteous know their calling. When I read that scripture, it just hit me hard, thought I would share. It's one of those scriptures that I posted in my room, something I need to be reminded of daily.

Many people are asking about wedding plans, they are going good, I seem to think. Tasks are getting accomplished slowly and when I have time, but I am convincing myself that it is OK. It will get done. It will be beautiful. It will be a dream come true. According to my Royal Carribean app, the wedding is exactly 5 months and 11 days away. Glory. :)

And for the grand finale, I finally met my niece this past weekend. I have missed her everyday since. I am in LOVE!!! Miss Iris is just the cutest, sweetest thing. I picked up my sister, Lauren, on Friday and stayed at my Granny's house. Saturday, we both drove to Charlotte to see Lindsay's little family. We were there to witness Iris's "first day out". We ventured to Hobby Lobby, Target, O'Charley's, and Wal-Mart. She slept the whole time and we got comments from precious old ladies. It was so fun, and good time with family. On Sunday, we returned to Columbia, just in time to celebrate my Papa's 84th birthday. Busy weekend, but worth it.

So there it is folks, a life update. Sorry so random. Got to love the life of a college student. :)